Articles in the international scientific journals (peer-reviewed)


•Baykusoglu, S., & Mäkitalo-Siegl, K., ??? (Manuscript in progress), “A review of using tablet PCs in teaching and learning” (...)

•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2014), (Manuscript in progress), “Islamic Patterns....”, Journal of Academic Researches in Religious Sciences, City?, Turkey, Day/Month? 2014.

•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2014), “The role of parents in the achievement of Turkish Speaking Students in British schools: why they fail in supporting their children?”, US-China Education Review A, October 2014, Vol. 4, No. 10, pp.688-704.

•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2009), “The Effects of Language and Culture on the Achievement of Turkish Speaking Students in British Schools: 1990s to 2004”, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, Vol. 29, No: 3, September 2009.


•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2014), “Was the Indian Mutiny Consequence of the Breakdown the British Information System?”, Hitit University Journal of Social Sciences, Corum (Turkey), June 2014, Vol. 7, No: 1, pp.139-153.

•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2005), “Why did the British Settle in Australia?”, Journal of Academic Studies, Istanbul (Turkey), Feb-Apr 2005, no: 24, pp. 183-197.

•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2003), “Did Abolishing the Slave Trade Have Economic Cause?”, Journal of Academic Studies, Istanbul (Turkey), May-June 2003, no: 17, pp. 55-65.

Articles/chapters in the international edited books and conference abstract books and proceedings (peer-reviewed)

•Mäkitalo-Siegl, K., & Baykusoglu, S., (2014), (Manuscript in progress), “An ethnographic study of an international postgraduate student: being Turkish PhD student at the University of Eastern Finland”, TMC 2014 (Turkish Migration Conference), Regent’s University London, London (UK), 30 May – 1 June 2014.

•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2014), (Manuscript in progress), “An Evaluation of the Educational Achievement: Turkish-speaking Pupils Achievement, Educational Needs and the Role of Community Organisations”, TMC 2014 (Turkish Migration Conference), Regent’s University London, London (UK), 30 May – 1 June 2014.

•Baykusoglu, S., & Mäkitalo-Siegl, K., (2013), “Using tablet PCs in teaching and learning”, Poster Presentation, Abstract book of ECER 2013, Istanbul, Turkey, 11 September 2013.


•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2009), The Factors Affecting Turkish Speaking Children’s Achievements: The Role of Parents in Supporting Their Children’s Progress, Unpublished MA thesis, London Metropolitan University.


•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2010), “Q-Translator”, in Garcia, Margarita Perez & Serrano, Jaime Alamo (2010) (ed.), Educational Tools for Second Life, a handbook for educators in virtual worlds, Brussels: MENON Network EEIG, 2010. p.16.

•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2008), “Carl Linnaeus and the purpose of the foundation of the Linnean Society of London”, Uppsala University, Uppsala (Sweden).

•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2003), “The Emancipation of Women in Britain the Militant Suffragettes (1900-1914)”, Ottoman Researches Foundations, Istanbul (Turkey), 10 June 2003.   

•Baykusoglu, Serkan (2003), “Why Did British Settle in Australia”, Ottoman Researches Foundations, Istanbul (Turkey), 28 July 2003. 



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