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Serkan Baykusoglu was born into a working class family in the north-western city of Sakarya in Turkey. Baykusoglu received his early education in his father’s hometown Devrekani, and his secondary and further education in Devrekani and in the city of Kastamonu. His early academic career was notable, and he had always excelled at Mathematics. His interest in Maths started when he was a child. As a result of tutoring and teaching his classmates during his secondary education, he developed a good skill in the subject. However, after graduating from Manisa High School, he won a place for a social science programme, attaining a history degree at Celal Bayar University in Manisa in 1997.

Baykusoglu moved to the United Kingdom to advance in his career. As an historian, he studied a preparation course, Access to Higher Education, for entrance to higher education to study masters at university. During his first two years at Harrow College, he displayed talent in his studies and was awarded with achievement in English. Baykusoglu was passionate about colonial history, and in 2002, following successfully completion of the Access programme, he was offered a place for Masters degree in British Imperial and Commonwealth History at King’s College, London. While he was at King’s, his two articles were published in an international peer-reviewed journal in Turkey. However, he left it without completing after two years of study. In the years that followed, Baykusoglu aimed at achieving a career in teaching Mathematics. He completed his two-years teaching programme and subject specialist course at Masters level in the teaching of Mathematics. He also obtained graduate and Masters degrees in Education in the mean time.

By the age of 31, Baykusoglu had a very distinguised career in various fields, working as a mentor, teaching assistant, interpreter and translator in Law, private tutor, administrator, education columnist and immigration caseworker. He had started his professional career as a lecturer in 2007. A passionate of education, he taught Maths at Barnet College. He has been very committed to government policies, especially in the field of education. He was then offered a place to study a Masters programme in Adult Education and Global Change at Linkoping University in Sweden.

Baykusoglu has received a good academic education in many countries, including Turkey, United Kingdom and Sweden.


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